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Property of Scrooge

This site and all its content, including the trademark, Scrooge icon, pictures, text and user interface, is owned by Scrooge Ltd. You are free to browse the site, register as a user, use the service, recommend us, invite your friends, comment, quote and link to this site. If you are a member of press, a blogger or similar, write your honest (hopefully positive) opinion.

You are not allowed to use any content as your own for advertising or other business.


The purpose of Scrooge is to offer a digital tool for sharing costs between friends in an easy way.

You are not allowed to use it for trying to get hold of other users' personal data, spreading computer viruses or any other criminal activity.


It is in our best interest to keep Scrooge up and running at all times and offer a fluent and predictable user experience for everyone. However:

We reserve the right to alter the service or terminate it at any time and for any reason and will not compensate in any way any direct or indirect harm, damage or loss caused by our service being down.

We have made Scrooge as accurate and reliable as possible — it's about your money, after all. However, we can't guarantee any calculations and take no responsibility of any harm or direct or indirect damage or loss caused by bugs in the code or our service going down.

Please note you need to be at least 13 years old to use the service.

Scrooge and Third Parties

Scrooge contains integrations with other service providers. We take no responsibility in their content, maintenance or harm, damage or loss caused by their possible failures to provide their service, their termination of service or them altering their terms and thereby affecting using Scrooge.


Scrooge App has undergone extensive security procedures to protect the information provided by the user. Your responsibility is to keep your sign in data safe. All the information you provide us is subject to our Privacy Policy.


We reserve the right to change any Terms of Service when it is necessary. In these cases we will post a new version on this website.


Possible disagreements will be settled according to Finnish law in Finland.


If you have comments or questions, please send mail to hello@scrooge.cc

Have fun sharing costs!