We want to live in a fair world

Our goal is simple - we bring fairness and equality in finance. Whether it is about shared costs between friends or a loan from a finance institution - transparency and mutual trust are the core values for our existence.

Our mission is take care of the money matters so that people can chase their dreams instead. The biggest dreams are built and shared together - and sometimes you also need financial support to reach them. Scrooge enables fair splitting of shared cost with your circle of trust. Moreover, Scrooge will bring this social nature into consumer finance and make them everyday easy access commodities.

We are a group of individuals for who are striving fairness while still having fun. We started in 2014 and it has been an epic ride ever since.

The idea of Scrooge was born during a skiing trip in Japan in 201. There were six of guys altogether who went to Hakuba to search for world-class powder and enjoy the food culture and life itself. After the week-long trip it took around two weeks to sort out who had paid what, where the receipts were and who owed what to whom.

Join the ride!

Scrooge Ltd.

Company ID 2410170-3 hello@scroo.ge Otakaari 5, 02150 Espoo, Finland